'Find your body' with the help of Pete's online page

Thursday, 19 January 2017

'Find your body' with the help of Pete's online page thumbnailLocal personal trainer, Pete Campbell, has set up a Facebook page called 'Find Your Body's Lean for 2017', a free online resource full of daily tips

AN Omagh fitness fanatic wants people from the local community to "find their body" in 2017 as he launches a free online guide on improving their health and fitness as the new year gets underway.

Local personal trainer, Pete Campbell, has set up a Facebook page called 'Find Your Body's Lean for 2017', a free online resource full of daily tips and guidance on exercise, diet and motivation. Pete's page also feature videos where he lets followers in on ways to make a positive change for 2017. There are almost 500 followers currently joined up to the group.

"The idea is to put up as much free info as possible as I can to help people in the coming year, " said Pete. "There is no product or service being pushed on people. It is simply there to properly and healthily guide and motivate those who need a helping hand over the coming months."

Pete decided to set up the page to coincide with the usual increase in motivation for people to get fit as part of a New Year's resolution.

"They've probably planning it from September, and it allows people to get away with things on the lead up to Christmas because they know January they are making a change. Motivation is up.

"I wondered what could happen if you got these people that were motivated to change, and instead of allowing them in January to go back into another fad diet, what if you just said, 'this is free, just take this advice, and do it right once, and don't have to do this every Christmas for the next ten years'."

Pete's journey into the fitness industry stemmed from his own experience of improving his health. "I was 21, and I was 16 and a half stone. I went to a personal trainer and ended up getting into the industry. That was six years ago.

"There was a lot of negative body images and things with myself at the time, and I though that if there was a correct, ethical way to do this, I would.

"In the fitness industry it's easy to sell stuff to people with body-shaming. If you get someone into fitness based on a negative thing, they're going to fail. They are only doing it because they hate the way they look, and that's awful.

Pete's videos are often monologues of useful advice and information, as well as insights into preparing healthy meals and trying out new exercises, and he says that social media is a great tool that allows him to reach out to a large number of people, and importantly, for them to reach him.

"Everybody's on social media. Most of the people I want to positively affect are spending a lot of their time online. It is a great way to reach people," said Pete. "Its not something I'm used to doing. I had to teach myself how to do it. If you think you have a good message, that builds confidence. I followed vloggers online and learned from them.

"The good thing about the group is that everyone will see it. If I can individually get back to them, They'll get a notification on their phone. It's important for people to know that there is someone thats understood where they are. People can flick up through comments and see that 95 per cent of people are going through the same stuff.

"I get a big kick out of seeing client's results, and then those clients giving advice to other people. It shows you that if you hit one person with the right thing, it spreads, and they can tell five people and then they can tell five people each. That's a positive effect."

Here are seven tips from Pete to help you 'find your body' in 2017.

1. Make it long term

"If you can't see yourself doing this this time next year, scrap it and start again. If your starting a routine or diet, if its not long term, its null and void. Small changes are a long time is most often the best way to go."

2. Do what you like

"Find a workout program that you enjoy. No matter what it is, if you want to walk or do weights, just find something that you don't dread. I like going to zumba. Just move more really, its a simple concept."

3. Sleep better

"Sleep is a big one, and the tip is to sleep better. Put down your phone an hour before going to bed. Long good quality sleep is extremely important for recovery and energy."

4. Make it about you

"It is about the individual. Don't get sucked into what I call 'cookie-cutter plans'. These are plans that have been created that are easily marketed and sold, and that won't work for you because you're not the person they have been created for. Each person's body requires different quantities of calories, they each have different lifestyles."

5. Small changes everyday

"There are healthier ways of doing everything. For instance, if I have to learn to create a healthy lunch on the go or if I'm in a staff canteen, is there a lean meat? Is there a vegetable? Is there a carbohydrate? Do I have my water with me? If you drive to work, park a further distance away and walk in. It's about small changes."

6. Set goals

"A big thing for people in the group at the start was setting goals. Short, medium and long-term. Set something you want to achieve by the end of January, then think 'what's my next goal'.

All your efforts go into getting to the next goal. It's a lot easier to focus on."

7. Don't restrict yourself

"Don't endure your diet rather than enjoy it. Everyone should have something they like every day.

It's much better to avoid the 'restriction, binge, guilt' cycle.

Most males and females with weight problems will have it. If you starve yourself for a long period of time, you're going to build up a need for that thing.

It's mentally unhealthy as well.

Your body only does what your head tells it to do. If you know what way to think about food, and what way you work, then it gets so much easier."


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