Police issue fireworks appeal

People being targeted by fireworks in Omagh

Police issue fireworks appeal
Staff reporter


Staff reporter

As Halloween approaches, police in Omagh have said they are having issues with fireworks being set off around Omagh – and even being thrown at people. 

As a result, police say they will be stepping up their visual and ‘plain clothes’ patrols to counter an upsurge in fireworks misuse.  

A PSNI spokesperson said: “That time of year again. October has only started and already we are having issues with fireworks being set off around the town and even being thrown at people, specifically in the vicinity of the Oasis plaza.

“We have already seized some today and the offender will now have to face the repercussions. We are not naive to the fact there are a lot more out there but from now on we will be stepping up our visual and plain clothes patrols in the area.

“For those thinking of bringing fireworks into town or buying them anywhere without a licence and setting them off, we’re going to play hardball with you. Get caught, you will likely be arrested and prosecuted for a variety of offences, leading to a criminal record. As this tends to involve youths mostly, your school / tech will also be informed.

“Parents, please ensure you speak with your kids about the dangers of using fireworks, you don’t want to have a call from us stating your son/daughter has been arrested for setting fireworks off or even worse, a call from hospital stating your son / daughter no longer has the use of both hands...

“Retailers, please continue to report any incidents of fireworks being set off and if possible get detailed descriptions of those involved for us.”

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