Daffodil and Spring Flower Show makes a 'blooming marvelous' return

William Smith


William Smith



THE annual Daffodil and Spring Flower Show organised by the Omagh Gardening Society made a 'blooming marvelous' return after two years of cancellations due to Covid-19.

And suffice to say the event kicked off the May Bank Holiday weekend in style, with the bright and colourful exhibits creating a vibrant scene in the surrounds of the Ulster American Folk Park.

Honorary show secretary, Kate Adams, was delighted to welcome visitors from near and far, who exhibited a range of beautiful daffodils, general flowers and floral art.

Guest of honour was John Paul Coyle, visitor services manager of the Folk Park, and he kindly presented the trophies to the lucky prizewinners.

Speaking on the success of the 58th annual event, Kate said: "This was the first show since Covid-19, and we weren't sure how things would turn out, but we had an extremely good turn out of people to enjoy it and some absolutely wonderful daffodils and Spring flowers on display.

"We had some very impressive entries from all across Northern Ireland, and it was a wonderful show. It is great to have this up and running again, it's really the highlight of the gardening societies year and we all really enjoy it."

Special mention was given to Omagh man, Brian Duncan, who won the 'Best Bloom' award with his daffodil 'Sheskin', picking up the coveted Dick Bell Memorial Cup.

Mr Duncan is an outstanding daffodil breeder and honorary member of the IGPS (Irish Garden Plant Society). He was recently recognised by the award of the Victoria Medal of Honour by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). This is the RHS's highest award and is given to horticulturists deserving special honour, and is limited to just 63 holders at any one tie.

Mr Duncan has been part of the Omagh Gardening Society Spring Flower Show since 1963. Over a period of 58 years, Saturday was the 32nd time Mr Duncan has won the 'best bloom' award at the local show.


Daffodil Classes

Best Bloom in Show - Dick Bell Memorial Cup

- Brian Duncan

Premier Blooms - Society Ribbons

Best Bloom Division 1 - Brian Duncan

Best Bloom Division 2 - Brian Duncan

Best Bloom Division 3 - Derrick Turbitt

Best Bloom Division 4 - Mervyn Wallace

Best stem, any other Division - Dave Hardy

Best Stem, Unregistered Seedling, any Division - Derrick Turbitt

Section A

Open Daffodil Classes

Highest points & Omagh Daffodil Trophy - Dave Hardy

Class 1 - Dr Hugh Watson Memorial Trophy - Brian Duncan

Class 2 - American Daffodil Society Ribbon and W.H.Rhose Bowl - Dave Hardy

Class 3 - N.I.D.G Royal Mail Trophy - Derrick Turbitt

Class 4 - 1st R. McCaw 2nd.M. Wallace 3rd B.Duncan

Class 5 - 1st M.Wallace 2nd.M. Wallace 3rd M. Wallace

Class 7 - 1st B. Duncan 2nd R. McCaw 3rd B. Duncan

Class 8 - 1st B. Duncan 2nd M. Wallace 3rd M. Wallace

Class 9 - 1st R. McCaw 2nd B. Duncan 3rd M. Wallace

Class 10 - 1st D. Hardy 2nd B. Duncan

Class 11 - 1st M. Wallace 2nd M. Wallace 3rd M. Wallace

Class 12 - 1st B. Duncan 2nd B. Duncan

Class 14 - 1st B. Duncan 2nd M. Wallace 3rd R. Curry

Class 15 - 1st B. Duncan 2nd D. Hardy 3rd R McCaw

Class 16 - 1st M. Wallace 2nd M. Wallace 3rd D. Hardy

Class 17 - 1st R. McCaw 2nd D. Hardy 3rd B. Duncan

Class 18 - 1st B. Duncan 2nd M. Wallace 3rd B. Duncan

Class 19 - 1st R. McCaw 2nd D. Hardy 3rd B. Duncan

Class 20 - 1st D. Hardy 2nd B. Duncan 3rd M. Wallace

Class 21 - 1st M. Wallace 2nd M. Wallace 3rd M. Wallace

Class 22 - 1st R. McCaw

Class 23 - 1st R. McCaw

Class 24 - 1st B. Duncan 2nd R. Curry 3rd M. Wallace

Class 25 - 1st D. Hardy

Class 26 - 1st D.Hardy 2nd M. Wallace 3rd M. Wallace

Class 27 - 1st R. McCaw 2nd R. McCaw 3rd D. Hardy

Class 28 - 1st D. Hardy 2nd B. Duncan 3rd R. McCaw

Section B

Open Miniature & species Daffodil classes

Miniature Cup presented by Mr Noel Thompson - B. Duncan

Best Exhibit - Ann Elliott

Section C

Collection Classes

Evelyn bell Memorial trophy - R. McCaw

2nd highest points - D. Turbitt

N.I.D.G. Amateur Seedling Award - D Turbitt

Class 33 - 1st D. Turbitt 2nd R. McCaw

Class 35 - 1st R. McCaw

Class 37 - 1st R.McCaw 2nd R.McCaw 3rd R. McCaw

Class 38 - 1st R.Curry 2nd R.Curry 3rd R. Curry

Class 39 - 1st R.Curry 2nd R. McCaw

Class 41 - 1st R.McCaw 2nd R.McCaw 3rd R. McCaw

Class 42 - 1st R.McCaw

Class 43 - 1st D. Turbitt 2nd R. McCaw

Section D - Novice Daffodil Classes

Highest points & Lilian Dukelow Memorial Trophy ­- Ann Elliott

Second Highest points - Ken Harvey

Best Bloom - Charlotte Gordon

Class 47 - 1st I.Henry 2nd A. Elliott 3rd I.Henry

Class 48 - 1st C.Gordon 2nd K. Harvey 3rd C Gordon

Class 49 - 1st A, Elliott 2nd C. Gordon 3rd A. Elliott

Class 50 - 1st K.Harvey 2nd A. Elliott

Class 51 - 1st A.Elliott 2nd A. Elliott 3rd K. Harvey

Class 52 - 1st K. Harvey 2nd C. Gordon 3rd C. Gordon

Class 53 - 1st A. Elliott 2nd K Harvey

Class 54 - 1st A.Elliott

Class 55 - 1st A. Elliott

Section E

Open General Flower Classes

The Glasgow Trophy - K. Adams

Class 58 - 1st R.McCaw 2nd R. McCaw 3rd J. Connolly

Class 63 - 1st I.Henry 2nd L. Turner

Class 65 -1st J. Connolly 2nd K.Adams 3rd K. Adams

Class 66 -1st K. Adams 2nd I. Henry 3rd F. Johnston

Class 67 - 1st T Haley

Class 68 - 1st K.Adams

Class 69 - 1st K. Adams 2nd F. Johnston

Class 70 - 1st J.Connolly 2nd T. Haley

Section G

Novice General Flowers

The Thomas Bell Memorial Cup - Laine Turner

Best Exhibit - Laine Turner

Class 72 - 1st Laine Turner 2nd Rosemary Clements 3rd Susan Anderson

Class 76 - 1st Lilian Collins

Class 77 - 1st Laine Turner 2nd Lilian Collins 3rd Florence Johnston

Class 78 - 1st Lilian Collins

Class 79 - 1st Tess Kelly

Class 80 - 1st Laine Turner 2nd Florence Johnston

Section H - Alpines

Class 86 - 1st T. Kelly 2nd C.McAleer 3rd I.Henry

Class 87 - 1st R. Clements

Leonard Cheshire

Class 88 - 1st Yvonne Lynn 2nd Mary Maguire 3rd Martin McElhatton

Class 89 - !st Bridie McCrystal 2nd AnneMarie McKenna 3rd Sandra McCutcheon and Ursula Gavin

Class 90 - 1st Yvonne Lynn 2nd Laura Gilchrist

Section J

Open Floral Art

Best Exhibit - Floral Art Rosebowl presented by Mr. J. Eakin - F. Johnston

Section K

Novice Floral Art

Olive Parke Trophy- L. Turner

Highest Points - F. Johnston

Second Highest Points - L. Turner

Class 93 - 1st F. Johnston 2nd L.Cheshire

Class 94 - 1st L Turner 2nd F. Johnston 3rd K O'Donnell

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