Riders undaunted by wintry conditions in Seskinore Harriers Winter League final

Sunday was the league final day for the Seskinore Harriers Winter League at the Ecclesville Centre, Fintona.  Despite snow and icy conditions the ‘old reliables’ remained undaunted. There were lots of prizes and silverware to be won.

Special thanks go to Douglas Guttering for sponsoring sashes and Thompson Feeds for meal prizes.

John Chambers didn’t disappoint, having built a challenging course which tested all contenders for prizes and proved a good start to 2019.

“The committee would like to thank sincerely everyone who braved the fourth consecutive Sunday and pulled together to help make the league such a success. Also thanks to all supporters of our league. May you all have continued success throughout 2019,” said a spokesperson.


X poles unled: Clear:Ellie Baxter and Ruby; Kacie Maguire and Manny; Cassie Lee and Barbie; Maurice Harper and Ollie.

League final results: 1, Kacie Maguire and Manny (Seskinore Shield); 2, Ruby Millar and Grace; 3, Ellie Baxter and Ruby and 4, Marice Harper, Ollie

X poles led: Clear: Caroline Wallace and Elvis; Henry Coote and Star; Catherine Beattie and Princess; Ava McElroy and Poppet.        

League final results: 1, Caroline Wallace and Elvis (Seskinore Pony Club Shield); Joint 2, Henry Coote and Star; Catherine Beattie and Princess; Ava McElroy and Poppet 

Tack and turnout X poles winner: Henry Coote on Star

40cm: Clear: Ellie Mae McCrory and Dante; Ruby Millar and Gracie; Marice Harper and Ollie; Darcy Maguire and Manny.                         

League final results: 1, Darcy Maguire and Manny (Sparkling Pierre Cup for Starter Stakes); Joint 2, Ruby Millar and Gracie and  Ellie Mae McCrory and Dante

3, Marice Harper and Ollie

Tack and turnout 40cm winner: Ellie Mae McCrory on Dante

50cm: Clear:Darcy Maguire and Manny; Lori Smith and Freckles; Ellie-Mae McCrory and Dante; Stewart Beattie and Princess.              

League final results: Joint 1, Darcy Maguire and Manny and Ellie Mae McCrory and Dante (Pat Hill Shield); Joint 3, Ruby Millar and Gracie and Stewart Beattie and Princess.

Tack and Turnout 50cm winner: Ruby Millar on Gracie.

60cm: Clear: Dreena Harron and Ginger; Mary Semple and  Amilee;                            

League final results: 1, Dreena Harron – Drumragh Cup; 2, Mary Semple and Amilee

128cm novice: Kaitlin McCrory and Party Pop; Lori Smith and Finn; Lori Smith and Freckles; Lexi Maguire and Jack; Stewart Beattie and Princess; Lexi Maguire and Manny;     Kate Millar and Shadow.

League final results: 1, Lori Smith  Finn (FD Lyons Cup): joint 2, Lori Smith and Freckles and Kaitlin McCrory and Party Pop; 4, Stewart Beattie and Princess; 5, Lexi Maguire and Manny; 6, Lexi Maguire and Jack

70cm: Clear: Joint 1, Jara Hamilton and Bluebell; Amy McLaughlin and Rua and Lindsay McIvor and Rosie; other placings, Emily Hopton Brown and Something Else Again; Mary Semple and  Amilee and Chloe Gannon and Luna.

League final results: Joint 1, Jara Hamilton and Bluebell; Amy McLaughlin and Rua; and Lindsay McIvor and Rosie; 4, Mary Semple and  Amilee; 5, Emily Hopton Brown and Something Else Again;  Chloe Gannon and Luna

138cm novice: Emma Mills and Twitchit, 1st place League Final (Mr Eatwell Cup).

128cm Open: (League final results):  1, Zoey Caskey and Gunner (TJ Patterson Cup)  2, Kate Millar and Shadow (joint 2nd); 3, Zoey Caskey and Speedy (joint 5th) 4, Kaitlin McCrory and Party Pop (4th); 5, Mary Kate Rice and Scarletts Cromwell (joint 5th) 6, Lori Smith Finn (joint 2nd).

80cm: Clear: (League results): Zoey Caskey and Speedie (2nd); Lindsay McIvor and Rosie (1st ); Kate Millar and Shadow (3rd); Chloe Gannon and Luna

148cm: Clear novice (League results) Jara Hamilton and Bluebell (2nd); Amy McLaughlin and Rua (1st James Lingwood Cup) Emma Farrell and Holly; Paris Douglas and Rince

138cm: Open: (League results)  1, Beth Thompson and  Diago (1st The T McGuigan Cup); 2, Jenny Dunlop and Roxie; 3, Lucy McCann and Tillie (2nd) 4, Paris Douglas and Lily  (3rd).

90cm: Clear: Amy McLaughlin and Rua: Lucy McCann and Tillie (1st place league final)

Horse Novice: Clear: Charley Love and Rookie Diamond (1st Scotts Feed Cup league final); Shauneen Gallagher and Liz; Kamryn McQuade and Rosie (2nd place)

148cm: Open league final: 1, Tia Smith and Bob (1st AD Pottie Cup league final); 2, Beth Thompson and Pepper (2nd); 3: Clara Daly and Minty (4th); 4, Claire Murnaghan and Hacker (3rd); 5, Ellen Thompson and Princess (5th);m 6, Paris Douglas and Rince (6th)

1m: 1, Clara Daly and Lucky and also (1st league final).

Horse Open: (League final): 1, Kamryn McQuade and Rosie (joint 3rd); 2, Carly Braden and Millie (1, Katie’s Leap Cup league final) 3, Charley Love and Rookie Diamond (joint 3rd ) 4, Carly Braden amd Melissa (2nd).

1.1m (League final) 1: Clara Daly and Lucky (2nd); 2, Carly Braden and Melissa (1st place league final); 3, Niamh McEvoy and Sky; 4, Niamh McEvoy and Gucci; 5, Carly Braden and Millie (3rd)

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