Getting into shape for the Rudolph Run - week one

WITH the Rudolph Run 10k taking place in Eskra on Saturday, December 4, the host club Knockmany Running Club will prepare a six week training schedule each week in the Tyrone Constitution to get runners ready for race day.

This programme is aimed at runners who are hoping to improve their 10k time or running their first 10k and provides a training structure over the next six weeks leading up to race day.

In the first week, runners should aim to have four sessions as follows;

Interval session - Building strength through speed training is vital for improving times. Start with 10 min warm up, then two minutes faster at your 10k pace then two minutes slow recovery jog repeat 5 times (20 minutes) then 10 minutes cool down at the end.

Five mile long run - to start building endurance. Each week a training day should be a long run. You need endurance training to prepare your body and mind to go the distance. Long runs also help you get familiar with the physical and mental challenges that you might face on race day. Do not worry about speed you should focus on enjoying the run and running with a training partner helps! Go slow. Don’t be afraid to take walking breaks. Just cover the distance.

Three mile slow recovery run - Recovering from your training is just as important as the workouts themselves. Use these days to do easy running, based on how you feel, to help you recover after intense training.

One Cross training session is encouraged each week such as swimming, Pilates, circuit training, spinning etc which are all very beneficial to complement running.

Good luck with your first week, try and enjoy the training and the benefits which physical exercise brings for mental health and well-being. The end goal is the achievement of completing a 10k.

Join us next week for week two!

* Registration details will be available in early November, based on Covid-19 guidelines at that time.

For more information contact Gerry McCaffrey on 07786730508 or alternatively via email or the Eskra Community Centre website:

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